My name is Penny Leigh Sebring

Penny Leigh Sebring, Content and Speculative Fiction Writer
I’m a content and speculative fiction writer living in Fort Collins, CO. When I’m not focused on my writing career, you’ll usually find me deep in conversation with interesting people, spending quality time with my husband and child, or catering to the needs of my canine, feline, and psittacine family members—all of whom are demanding, opinionated, and completely adorable.

At a loss for words?

As Founder and CCO of Castle Content, I create compelling written content for websites that educates and entertains your visitors and keeps them coming back for more.

My writing covers a wide range of subjects, with an emphasis on articles and blogs related to community, coworking, nature, and pets.

Email me here📫 for a free consultation or click the Castle Content logo for more information.